Common Causes of Power Tool Injury

Using power tools is crucial to many people’s daily work. These tools can increase efficiency, precision, and the uniformity of a person’s work. In fact, most of modern construction is dependent on power tools and work would move at a much slower pace without them. But many power tools present significant risk of injury, especially when used as often as they may be on a construction site. Injury from a power tool can be both painful and costly. Many injuries can not only necessitate expensive medical procedures, but they may also keep an employee from doing the work they need to do to help pay the bills.

Power tools cover a wide range of functions and purposes and each can present a unique danger to the user. Injuries on construction sites can be caused by anything from a nail gun to a table saw. Each tool threatens the safety of its handler in a different way. A hand drill and a chain saw are completely different tools that will respond differently and can lead to different types of injury.

There are common errors that contribute to the over 400,000 power tool injuries reported each year. The Center for Disease Control has reported that, though many of these injuries victimize weekend warriors, even professional construction workers can be easily injured. Repetitive tasks and fatigue are two of the largest factors in work site injuries. If a person gets too comfortable performing a task with a dangerous tool, they are increasing their likelihood for an accident.

But accidents do happen, and these injuries can be both painful and debilitating. It is crucial to an employee’s recovery that they are awarded all of the workers’ compensation that they are owed. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney to fight for your proper payment can make a significant difference.